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    Hereai??i??s an RJ who has a Mission Possible! Big FMai??i??s RJ RohithAi??of Take it Easy (5 pm-8 pm)Ai??and Big Nayaka fame (8 pm-10 pm) is quite a name in Bengaluru. Heai??i??s also an actor who made a dream transition to films with his current hit Karvva. Just recently the movie celebrated a 100-day run at the box-office. Rohith is also an ex-Bigg Boss Kannada contestant. His skill for natural conversations, tongue-in-cheek responses and ability to make people laugh has made him a huge favourite with evening listeners and has definitely cast a spell on the showai??i??s female fans.
    Hereai??i??s our chat.

    You have quite a portfolioai??i??RJ,Ai??actor, film-maker, TV show host, youth leader. What more do you have planned?
    It might sound dramatic, but all my plans are to do with some good to fellow brothers and sisters. I have always believed in doing good for the society we live in, and for those in need and also to test my skills and knowledge and my potential.

    Also being a new-age filmmaker, how difficult is it to multi-task? Purchase grifulvin
    For my first movie Karvva, I co-wrote the story, screenplay and dialogues of the movie. The same are being done for our next project also. Multi-tasking at this point helps me explore my capabilities, and since all aspects of movie-making, thankfully, donai??i??t happen at the same time, Iai??i??m able to be more involved in the process of film-making.

    You have also been crowned the ai???best flirt on airai??i???
    Well thatai??i??s flattering, but I never considered myself a flirt. I only talk and the intention is to make the person feel good about themselves. So itai??i??s a false allegation against me, your honour, to call me a flirt!
    Yes, there have been instances of girls calling and expressing their love for me in different ways. Itai??i??s sweet of them to appreciate my radio show or my movies.

    About your last eight years on radio?
    Everyday has been unique and it has been a pleasure interacting with interesting people everyday.
    See you next week!


    ai??i?? talkingradio@gmail.comAi??

    The writerai??i??s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.


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