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Having caught the eye and piqued the interest of passers-by in its opening week, Works of Art is a vibrant space filled with trinkets, home knick-knacks, select clothing and unique pieces of furniture. Right from the neon-coloured curios to the hand-painted arm chairs, batik stools and sprawling canvases, here, Kavitha Rajendra, owner, steers clear of South East Asian assembly line products and ‘quirky Indian’ kitsch bringing in an interesting mix of designers and merchandise from the world over. Think papier mache pigs from Indonesia, fabric-painted ambient lighting solutions from Europe or natural fabric clothing and jewellery from Australia.BuyLead2

Wander lust

“I have always loved travelling and shopping and wanted to bring some of my discoveries back home,” begins Rajendra, an engineer by education who has dabbled in luxury brand marketing. “When things felt right, I decided to open this store that has been my dream,” she shares. From cinnamon wood coasters and salt and pepper shakers (yes, they really do smell like cinnamon), to quirky ceramic statues of Mr Eagle, carved glass lights, lava stone temple lamps and bronze sculptures, you will find truly unique pieces here. BuyLead3
There is also plenty for those looking to decorate or redesign a personal space. Lava lamps shaped like Samurai swords or a thatched lamp-shade on a carved wooden stand, anyone? Rajendra’s piece-de resistance here is the canvas of an Oriental warrior woman that adorns the far wall. “The painting by itself is beautiful, but what sets this one apart is that the artist stuck pages from a novel onto the canvas and treated it before actually painting,” she enthuses. You will also find brightly coloured, and animated, bookshelves and photo frames, that we were itching to get our hands on.
Fabric corner
Hanging on the racks is a mix of three designers that offer a similar style of clothing. Bamboo cotton flowy silhouettes meet natural silk and cotton maxis, tunics, ponchos and even a skirt or two that are quite simply, boho chic. The colour palette here ranges from sombre to bright solids, while the jewellery is definitely edgy with lots of drama and includes a string of South Sea pearls, corals and silver bijoux.
Rs.150 upwards.
At Museum Road. Details:

—Susanna Chandy


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