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    An experiential store puts on display modular home solutions, with a focus on speedy deliveryA�

    CLOSE on the heels of launching its website last month, Homestudio, a modular home solution startup, has now opened an experiential zone in Sarjapur. Ita��s housed on the first floor of the Bren Mercury building, sharing a 16,000 sqft space with its office and customer care facility. It has on display affordable to premium living, dining, bed, kitchen, and storage solutions, and a kidsa�� room, put together as a mock home. These set-ups replicate a few of the lookbooks available on the site, and will be changed twice a month. You can buy an entire room solution that you saw at the studio, or a few units displayed there. But all the orders have to be placed online. The space serves as an experience-only zone.
    Touch and feel
    Its founder-COO Alok Duggal gave us a tour of the studio, being most delighted to show us the wardrobes, sideboards, shelving units, chests of drawers, cabinets and bookcases. Duggal explains, a�?Our homes are shrinking year after year, and therea��s a constant complaint of not having enough space to store things. Thata��s where our modular products can help. They are designed to offer a lot of room to store, and are versatile in function. For instance, our drawers are deep and wide. In the wall units, slabs are detachable and can be configured as per your storage requirements.a�?
    All of their solutions (500-plus) are curated from German brands such as Nolte Group, CS Schmal and Rio, and are being sold under the name of Deline. Since all drawers, cabinets and wardrobes come with soft-touch hinges, there is no slamming them. Wardrobes (five to eight feet high) come in wood texture, glossy or mirror finishes, with the option to customise its interior configuration, and they are selling fast. A few also include hydraulic coat hangers, separate racks for trousers, saris, ties and wristwatches. Their shoe racks, fitted inside cabinets, are a hit as well.
    Selecting home solutions is one thing, and fixing and servicing them is quite another. And thata��s where the third vertical of Homestudio comes in a�� its 20,000 sqft service centre-cum-warehouse. a�?We can set up an entire room solution in seven days. Our installers (20 of them) have been trained for this by German experts. And in case any unit requires maintenance, our installers will come to your home, detach the unit, resolve the issue and fix it back. Thata��s the beauty of modular solutions. Since all these products come with a five-year warranty, the service is free,a�? says Duggal, adding that they will soon roll out a service-request app.

    Rs 8,000 upwards for racks and cabinets. Rs 50,000 upwards for room solutions. Details: homestudio.com

    a�� Barkha Kumari


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