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    A new venture curates the best of artisanal food and
    its makers

    19foodanchor2Cashing in on the human weakness for nostalgia and memories associated with food, Place Of Origin, a Bangalore-based start up is offering up everything from cherry Swiss cookies from the legendary Kolkata confectioners Flurys to spicy sev from Anand Namkeen, all the way from Indore. Started by Ashish Nichani who has worked in banking for six years, and Sudarsan Netla an IIT Guwahati and IIM Lucknow alumnus, in October 2014, the idea was born when the duo realised that people have a craving for authentic food that cannot be found at their local supermarket. a�?Whenever we travel, we bring back food that is special to that particular region because there is a lot of authenticity attached to it and people are willing to pay for that kind of authenticity,a�? explains Nichani, adding, a�?we have consciously avoided FMCG products as they can be bought
    anywhere. Our focus is strictly on gourmet and artisanal fare.a�?
    What caught our eye though were products from Flurys, known for its European sweet treats including teaA�cakes, cookies and puddings. Choose from their plum cake, plain cake, double chocolate chip cookies or Swiss cherry cookies. We were also equally thrilled about Mumbaia��s Moshea��s a�� a chain of restaurants specialising in Mediterranean confectionery and baked goods including, chocolate caramel squares, French hearts and florentines.19foodanchor3
    And for those who are not really nostalgists, Place Of Origin offers plenty of modern snacking options such as kale chips from The Green Snack Co (Mumbai), vegan, bean-to-bar chocolates from Mason & Co (Auroville), coffee from Flying Squirrel (Bangalore) and nutritious bites from The Nibble Box (Mumbai), among others. Nichani also tells us, a�?To ensure that our goods dona��t perish before they reach our customers, we stick to products that have a shelf life of seven days or above. You will find that 80 per cent of the products on Place Of Origin have a shelf life of three months or more. What we also do is make sure that retailers declare the expiry date on the packaging so customers can check if a particular products is safe to consume.a�?
    While its sales until now were through its Facebook page, the website was recently launched. Servicing Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi as of now, Place Of Origin will soon extend its reach to other cities such as Chennai within the next few months.
    Details: placeoforigin.in


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