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From necklaces to rings, every jewel in Shobha Asar store is studded with natural uncut and brilliant-cut diamonds and is a piece of art

Places to hunt for jewellery just got bigger in the city. Prominent jewellery designer, Shobha Asar has a new address at Road No 10, Banjara Hills. The showroom is home for exclusive handcrafted jewellery from the house of Shobha Asar Fine Jewellery.
When you walk into the store, the lounge area welcomes you with two jewellery sets placed besides a huge plasma television which keeps rolling the images of the designs by Shobha Asar. The lounge arena then leads to the showroom which in itself is a work of class. The showroom has necklaces, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets and bangles made with 18kt gold. All the jewels are fitted with uncut diamonds and brilliant-cut diamonds which are natural and not laboratory products.
Emphasising on what gives the brand an edge over its competitors, Lata Kapadia, store director, Hyderabad, says, a�?Our jewels have diamonds fit in a setting without a wax support. If you see other brands they have wax behind the diamonds but our designs dona��t need a waxing done for the diamonds to stay. It is something rare and exclusive.a�?
It all started in 1981 when designer Shobha Asar set up her first boutique in Mumbai. Her designs have been inspired by natural elements, the historic era and rich culture alike. a�?Our diamonds are literally hand-picked. We need to sort them out while designing. We want to deliver superior quality to our customers and stick to our promise of keeping everything natural,a�? says Lata.
There are different varieties of rings which are a classic combination of diamond highlighted by precious gemstones to give it a elegant and stylish statement to match every ensemble.
The showroom also has a wide range of earrings. But what catches your eye is an earring made from 18kt yellow gold with a combination of uncut and round brilliant-cut diamonds crafted with French stained glass in peacock colours. So do earrings which resemble rose petals with a blue sapphire in the centre. Their classic bridal collection which have earrings for the modern woman where the designs are complemented by tapered baguettes and round brillant-cut diamonds crafted in 18k yellow gold. Price ranges from Rs 35,000 (++) onwards. Details: 66888080

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