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From the Will-Kat visit, to a 19-year-oldA�effortlessly defying a wild bear, herea��s whata��s trending across the InteRadioAnchor2rnet

Fan No 1

The British royal couplea��s weeklong visit to India hit all kinds of headlines. But it was their meeting with 93-year-old Boman Kohinoor that melted a thousand hearts. Conde Nast Traveller India featured the owner of Mumbaia��s iconic Parsi cafe, Britannia, in a video where he is seen holding up a signboard that read #WillKatMeetMe. The video clocked 1,23,00 views, and got him the chance to meet-and-greet the royals at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. While the two didna��t have the time to dig into the berry pulao, Middleton enquired about his restauranta��s famous dishes. The restaurateur also extended his a�?love to the Queen, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.a�? Kohinoor has made news for his fascination with the royal family even in the past, having written letters to Queen Elizabeth, and adorning his cafe with photograph s of the Queen, William and Kate.
Angels and humans

Pakistan businessman-turned-singer Taher Shah does it again. In his new video, Angel, released last week, Shah is dressed like an angel complete with garish maroon robe with a train, sparkly wings and a tiara to complete the picture. The five-minute number garnered more than two million views in 48 hours. The lyrics, I am like an angel, mankinda��s angel, my heart is like a rose, mankind soul dona��t make sense to Earthlings for sure. While a few have applauded his confidence, others have trolled him for his non-existent singing talent. Celebs also joined the Shah-bashing, with Twinkle Khanna tweeting, a�?Pakistan doesna��t need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on usa�?. And writer Amish Tripathy terming Shah as a a�?a new weapon of mass devastation!a�?

a�?Beara��ly out of danger
Little did 19-year-old Kelly Murphy know that her holiday to Japan would turn her into an Internet sensation. A skilled snowboarder, Murphy took a selfie video of herself in action while listening to Rihannaa��s Roar, at a ski resort in Nagano. Only after having a look at the footage once back in her hotel room did she realise she was being chased by a bear. She posted the chilling video on YouTube (which now has over 3.5 million views) last Sunday, with the caption, a�?OMG! I was going through my snowboarding videos and I found a bear chasing me!!! I nearly got eaten!!!… Be careful people!!!a�? While many are awed at the narrow escape, sceptics are of the opinion that she is faking it, as the bear looks a�?too perfecta��. Watch for yourself and decide.
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