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From the Will-Kat visit, to a 19-year-old effortlessly defying a wild bear, here’s what’s trending across the InteRadioAnchor2rnet

Fan No 1

The British royal couple’s weeklong visit to India hit all kinds of headlines. But it was their meeting with 93-year-old Boman Kohinoor that melted a thousand hearts. Conde Nast Traveller India featured the owner of Mumbai’s iconic Parsi cafe, Britannia, in a video where he is seen holding up a signboard that read #WillKatMeetMe. The video clocked 1,23,00 views, and got him the chance to meet-and-greet the royals at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. While the two didn’t have the time to dig into the berry pulao, Middleton enquired about his restaurant’s famous dishes. The restaurateur also extended his “love to the Queen, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.” Kohinoor has made news for his fascination with the royal family even in the past, having written letters to Queen Elizabeth, and adorning his cafe with photograph s of the Queen, William and Kate.
Angels and humans

Pakistan businessman-turned-singer Taher Shah does it again. In his new video, Angel, released last week, Shah is dressed like an angel complete with garish maroon robe with a train, sparkly wings and a tiara to complete the picture. The five-minute number garnered more than two million views in 48 hours. The lyrics, I am like an angel, mankind’s angel, my heart is like a rose, mankind soul don’t make sense to Earthlings for sure. While a few have applauded his confidence, others have trolled him for his non-existent singing talent. Celebs also joined the Shah-bashing, with Twinkle Khanna tweeting, “Pakistan doesn’t need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on us”. And writer Amish Tripathy terming Shah as a “a new weapon of mass devastation!”

‘Bear’ly out of danger
Little did 19-year-old Kelly Murphy know that her holiday to Japan would turn her into an Internet sensation. A skilled snowboarder, Murphy took a selfie video of herself in action while listening to Rihanna’s Roar, at a ski resort in Nagano. Only after having a look at the footage once back in her hotel room did she realise she was being chased by a bear. She posted the chilling video on YouTube (which now has over 3.5 million views) last Sunday, with the caption, “OMG! I was going through my snowboarding videos and I found a bear chasing me!!! I nearly got eaten!!!… Be careful people!!!” While many are awed at the narrow escape, sceptics are of the opinion that she is faking it, as the bear looks ‘too perfect’. Watch for yourself and decide.
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