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April 29th

City clicks
April 29 | Banjara Hills
ICONART Gallery, at Road No. 12 is holding a photography exhibition of the dark sides of Bombay. The exhibition is titled a�?Black Windows of Bombaya��. It will be on till April 30. Time: 11.30 am-7.30 pm. Entry free. Details: 9849968797play1

April 30th

Drama time
April 30 | Banjara Hills
For an evening of five award-winning, plays head to Lamakaan. Dramanon presents an amalgam of these plays. The artistes are Ganesh Nallari, RK Shenoy, Harika Vedula and others. Tickets: `100. Time: 8 pm. Details: 9701052861


mango maniaMango mania
May 1 | Banjara Hills
Khandani Rajdhani is having Aamlicious Festival with a variety of mango delicacies served at the restaurant. Savour recipes like Kairi Daal, Mango Raita and Mango Jalebi. The food festival will be on till May 31. Time: 12.30-11.30 pm. Price: approx `600++ taxes. Details: 30534131




IPL is here
May 1 | Rajkot
Cricket mania has erupted again in the country thanks to the IPL. Get glued to your TV set. Watch the clash of Titans between Gujrat Lions and Kings XI at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium. Time: 4 pm. Details: iplschedule2016.co.in

May 2nd

Sail highYACH
May 2 | Hussain Sagar
If you want to sail on waters right in the middle of the city, then head to the Yacht Club of Hyderabad. It is organising learning sessions every week with seasoned sailors to make you ready for kayaking. Time: 9.30 am-11.30 am. Charges: `750. Details: 64640518

May 3rd

Dump rightdump right
May 3 | Banjara Hills
As part of a�?Earth Day: E-Waste Collection Drivea��, Goethe Zentrum raises awareness through cultural programmes encouraging people to bring e-waste to their centre when they come for a German Movie Night. The collected e-waste will be processed for three Ra��s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Participation is free. Time: 7 am. Details: 23350443


May 4th

movie timeMovie time
May 4 | Hitec City
Head to Shilparamam for a delightful evening of a French movie. Alliance Francaise will showcase a movie named La forA?t EbouriffA�e. Ita��s about a boy who loses his way in the forest, but ends up finding himself. Time: 7.30 pm. Entry free. Details: 23554485

May 5thA�

Film1Directora��s cut
May 5 | Banjara Hills
City-based theatre group Samahaara is organising a film-making workshops for the movie-enthusiasts. At the workshop will be discussed scripting, casting, shot-direction and working with actors. Time: 9 am. Charges: `12,500. Details: samahaara.org

guitar1Musically yours
May 5 | Banjara Hills
Want to enjoy soft rock music? Head to Hard Rock Cafe to watch The Vowels in action. The evening will see the band giving their renditions in not one but three languages. Tickets: `500. Time: 9.30 pm-11 pm. Details: 64636375





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