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    Piano man
    pianoMay 30 | Museum Theatre
    Jazz lovers must not miss Madhav Charia��s upcoming concert at Museum Theatre. The city-based jazz pianist, who has mastered both classical and contemporary styles of the genre, will be accompanied by other artistes like Jeoraj George on drums and Naveen Kumar on bass. Tomorrow at 7 pm. Details: eventjini.com

    Indigo nation
    May 31 | The Amethyst Room
    Indigo takes the spotlight at The Amethyst Rooma��s ongoing exhibition. Titled Celebrating Summer with Indigo and Khadi, it comprises kurtas, tops, skirts in dabu prints with different embroidery by Aavaran, and light summer jackets by Indigene. We also like the sandals made from leather and hand-spun khadi by The Sole Sisters. From 10 am to 8 pm. Priced from Rs 3,000 onwards. Details: 43042099

    Give me yellow
    June 2 | Park Hyatt
    Park Hyatt is celebrating the king of fruits and you dona��t want to miss the festival. On the a la carte menu youa��ll find mango yolk made with Malgova, cold mango gazpacho made with Totapuri, mango sorbet made with Jagat and plenty more. Available from June 2-6, the dishes are priced from Rs 435 plus taxes onwards. Watch out for more mango on their Sunday brunch (June 7) and at their mango counter. Details: 71771234

    Built to lastbenz
    June 4 | Mercedes-Benz
    The new S600 Guard by Mercedes-Benz boasts the highest level of protection an armoured car can offer. Keeping you safe from pistols to grenades and sporting an in-built fire extinguishing system, the car has a V12 engine with a top speed of 130 mph. Billed the a�?safest luxury spot in the worlda��, it is expected to enter the Indian Presidenta��s fleet. From Rs 8.9 crore onwards. Details: 40200300

    At the movies
    May 29 | SPI Cinemas
    When a devastating earthquake hits California, ita��s up to Ray Gaines, a rescue pilot in the Los Angeles Fire Department, to save his stranded daughter. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Carla Gugino, the movie is directed by Brad Peyton (think Journey 2: The Mysterious Land). Also releasing, Maggie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a farmer trying to rescue his daughter infected by a zombie virus. Details: 42244224

    Get your glow on
    May 30 | Tambaram
    Ita��s time to take out your neon accessories and spray yourself with neon paint for the citya��s first neon run. Organised by Radio Mirchi, the 9.83-km run is open to all above 12 (therea��s a three km run for kids). Participants will get a timing chip for the run, besides glow accessories and T-shirts, plus a medal on completion. On May 30 at MEPZ campus in Tambaram. Registration from Rs 600 onwards. Details: mirchineonrun.com

    Mixed bag
    June 1 | The Park
    Featuring around 40 designers from across the country (Adan from Mumbai and Shreya from Jaipur, among others), the Summer and Festive Collezione Exhibition by Studio Trioss will showcase jewellery, ethnic wear, accessories, home decor and trendy footwear. At The Park, on June 1-2. More on Page 10

    studio-trisosPatch of fur
    June 3 | Fendi
    Fur gets a playful treatment in Fendia��s new Karlito Capsule Collection by designer Karl Lagerfeld. Featuring sweatshirts, sneakers, jeans, fur hats, shopping bags, iPhone covers and more, the highlights of the collection are the charms called Karlito (Rs 1,16,000) and Mini Karlito (Rs 73,000), that are dressed to look like the designer himself. Details: 011 4600777


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