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    In spite of the many platforms that provide tunes, radio still stands strong as a preferred a�?go-toa�� place to discover new music. There is something about the medium that makes consumers want to go back to it time and again. Radio pundits, for instance the CEO of Tune in, John Donham, has rightly said, a�?Radio is the original form of a�?social mediaa�� in that it allows you to connect with other people and ideas in your community or beyond, for free. This is what makes radio unique and the reason behind its longevity.a�?

    Today, many stations in India are digitally conscious and those who are forward thinkers have more listeners on the frequency, hits on their websites and a�?likesa�� on their Facebook pages. In 10 years, you are looking at a confirmed marriage between the medium of radio and the digital space. And there wona��t be any nosy in-laws or relatives to suppress this relationship, which is in its courtship now.
    Radio and its digital date have made sure that even if you are not internet savvy, the time is now to turn things around lest you miss out on the action. Even as recent as seven years ago, there was no way a presenter could get any content out to their listeners as a sneak peak. Listeners could find out what was on only during air-time or through promotions on the station. The present day scenario is very different and more enabling, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

    However, radio units will have to find a way or a method to keep their digital adventures quality-controlled and in moderation, as an overdose of anything can give one a headache. Ita��s the right balance of the analogue and the digital that will bring in the much needed love for the medium. The strength of the social networking team at radio stations will surely increase in time as radio units have understood the potential of social media and are right now on a digital dash to the finish.

    The writera��s views expressed here are entirely in his personal capacity.

    -Niladri Bose



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