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Whoever coined the word viral for things that spread online in a matter of minutes couldn’t have been more accurate. Well, now almost like that gossip spreads like wildfire as people, voyeurs that they are, want to know everything about the lives of celebrities.
Back in the ’80s there were only one or two magazines publishing a scoop here and there. But with the digital boom, getting a lowdown on the lives of the rich and famous has become so easy.
Radio, print, newspapers and the digital media at times publish things that are not entirely true or is merely a figment of someone’s imagination, bolstered by repetition.
Also, take note that the perception of a gossipmonger, most often imagined to be a woman, is fast changing. Young men, especially in the age group of 16-25, also do their part in circulating rumours. I am sure Shobhaa De would agree. Coupled with the power and speed of internet tales spread fast and far and wide. While scribes at times write based on their hunch, people discuss it like facts. Even more alarming is that there are pictures to support these points and nobody has the time to verify the source.
Cartoons also help the masses interpret news in a quirky way. The best one in recent times was the one where students were knee- deep in water during the Hyderabad flood in mid-September and the teacher continued with her class non-chalantly.
Meanwhile, it is time to say goodbye to the readers who have been reading my column for close to a year, ever since Indulge launched in Hyderabad last October.
It was a great platform to share my thoughts a�� some funny and some profound. I had a great time writing. I hope you had too, reading it. So long, then.

-Swapna Sundari



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