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Kabira��s songs, art that doubles up as home decor, and organic food await at the Auroville Marathon market tomorrow

What started as a celebration of Aurovillea��s 40th founding year has evolved into a highly-anticipated event on the calendar for many fitness enthusiasts. The ninth edition of the Auroville Marathon will see around 2,800 participants this weekend.
Following a trail, runners will traverse dirt roads, circumvent Aurovillea��s distinctive landmarks, and also get glimpses of the Matri Mandir along the way. a�?What makes this unique is the trail that runs right through the forest,a�? says Bindu Upadhyay, founder of the IIT running club, Forrest Gumps, which has 15 members running this year.
Meanwhile, the Auroville Marathon market promises to keep the runnersa�� family and friends busy. This year, Savour Auroville is a bigger affair with 50 food and craft stalls, music bands playing the songs of Kabir, and an artista��s exhibition themed around home decor. a�?Wea��ve put in extra effort to show what Auroville is in its diversity,a�? says Tejaswini Mistri Kapoor, one of the organisers. a�?Visitors who have questions can find out about our ongoing projects in renewable energy, fair trade, etc.a�?
The shopaholic is bound to delight in the organic cotton dresses from brands like Upasana, recycled handmade paper baskets from Wellpaper, and gold encased in glass jewellery by Matrigold. While pastries, preserves and vegan products can be carted home, Italian dishes by Auro delicious, raw food by Kofpu and sweets by Natraj will ensure you dona��t go hungry. Not to forget gelato from a solar-powered ice-cream cart.
Marathon market at Visitora��s Centre is open to all tomorrow (9 am to 6.30 pm) and Sunday (7 am to 2 pm).

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