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    With marathons as one of their niches, Eventjini now sets its eyes on making lacing up easy for the masses

    A few years ago, when a new-found marathon frenzy gripped the city, I found myself tempted. However, the prospect of running on roads filled with prying eyes and angry dogs was a mood killer. Now I find it was a valid concern. Taking stock of the situation, city-based promotion and ticketing giant, Eventjini—who’ve emerged as leaders in catering to the marathon market in the last three years—is bringing out a video series on the dos and dont’s for runners. Confirming the need for such material, Akshit Thimmaiah, a microbiologist and three-year marathon runner, says, “Initially I used to train in Chetpet at 6.30 am. Once, in front of Sankara Nethralaya, someone tried to snatch my phone off my armband. Back then, it was scary and that one incident was enough to inhibit me. I then found a group to run with.” Incidentally, running with a group is also on the list, in this six-video series.
    “When you go online, you find a lot of material for international runners but nothing that caters to locals. Being associated with most major marathons in the country gave us an insight into the struggles marathoners face, and that’s how the concept came about,” says Rajesh Vincent, GM of Eventjini. The series seeks to capture marathoners’ experiences and educate people about safety precautions, which routes are best avoided, where to go to optimise running and the like. Made by Pax Animation Studio, a city-based outfit, the five-minute videos feature actor Gibran Osman who is a fitness buff himself, along with a host of city marathoners like Thimmaiah and Sachin Mehta. “Chennai is runner-friendly. We have beautiful avenues and running spots, which I got to know while being a part of this campaign. I hope runners use this to their advantage,” Osman concludes.
    Series goes online on September 24. Subscribe to Eventjini YouTube channel for updates.

    — Lavanya Lakshminarayanan


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