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    A Sunday brunch that doesna��t leave you wanting

    At ITC Windsor, the tradition of a Sunday brunch is long and well-loved. For some regulars, the weekend begins with a night out at Dublin, the Irish Pub, where live music meets a heady collection of spirits and adventurous cocktails. For ITC Windsora��s executive chef, Uchit Vohra, putting together the brunch menu is a challenge because he knows that even those who can afford an expensive meal would like to see value additions, and variety that addresses their well-travelled palate. He says, a�?Earlier there was food that tasted good and food that looked good, but now the guest wants to please the palate and the sensibilities. We also try to revisit tradition by adding a quirky twist to it.a�?

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    For the non-vegetarian palate, the spread offers everything from mustard-marinated squid rings to roast lamb with grilled pineapple, smoked chicken with strawberry mayo and fish mousse. There is a lettuce bar and vegetarians can also pick from delectable bites like broccoli and pokchoy with artichoke, beetroot fataya with green pea hummus, balsamic mushroom with muhamarra, stuffed aubergine with baba ganoush and more. There is a fresh oyster counter, a soup station, a Burmese khao suey station, a chaat counter, snacks, pizzas, bruchettas, every imaginable bread and an array of dips, a live grill, steaks and a main course that hops across continents a�� roasted vegetables, cabbage dolmas with roasted bell pepper coulis, fish paupiettes, stuffed chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, olives, jalapenos and cheese.

    And these choices segue into Indian favourites and Oriental delicacies and then comes the mind boggling dessert counter. There is the utterly dramatic chocolate lava cake, custards and cakes of various descents, slices and rolls, tarts and crumbles, Indian dishes and an assortment of ice creams. The food is both comforting and exciting, the service warm and thoughtful, the ambience replete with aesthetic details.

    Rs. 1,950 upwards. At Golf Course Road. Details: 22269898

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