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    Iwan Rheon tells us what makes his GoT character so evil

    Ramsay Snow, played by Welsh actor Iwan Rheon in the Game of Thrones series, is undoubtedly the most hated character on TV. Hea��s been shocking GoT fans season after season with his sadistic, and heinous ways, which also includes the a�?customa�� of excoriating his rivals alive. In season 6, which went on air on Tuesday, Snow is shocked by the escape of his wife, Sansa Stark, from the clutches of his brutal Bolton household. He tells us more.

    Does Snow have specific motivations, or is he a sociopath?
    He does have motivations, which is to strive for power and success, which he tries to achieve by being a bastard. He is a second-class citizen in this world, surrounded by powerful people such as the Lords and the Heads of Houses. Hea��s almost in there, but not completely, and so he inhabits this weird place in between, leading to a lot of uncertainty.This makes him want to constantly prove himself. He is also a sociopath without a doubt.

    Did you model your character on anyone in particular?
    Ia��ve used a couple of references such as the Joker from the Dark Knight, Dennis the Menace, and a bit of (musician) Liam Gallagher too. But the challenge was to make him seem real. Hea��s not bogged down, and evil. Hea��s more like, a�?Oh, this is great. I get to do this.a�� He genuinely enjoys it (being brutal).

    Your thoughts on the show getting darker this season.
    The more desperate the characters get, the things they do get darker. Ita��s only at a point of real desperation that you see what Snow is really capable of.
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