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Voltaren online apotheke preisvergleich Richard Tholoor shines his way into the World Latin Dance Cup

Eighteen years ago, when Bengaluruai??i??s Salsa guru Richard Tholoor brought the dance to the city, even the name Salsa was unknown. ai???People were a little apprehensive and not ready toAi??just dance socially.,ai??? says Tholoor adding, ai???If a girl and a guy were seen dancing together it was scandalous.ai??? Today, the tides have turned and Bengaluru, as well as India at large, has a thriving dance culture. Tholoor is now taking to the world stage as he represents India at the World Latin Dance Cup 2016 this week. Taking place in Miami, the championship has participants from all over the world. ai???You can call it the Olympics of Salsa,ai??? shares Tholoor. Earlier this year, he travelled to Japan for the semi-finals, and made his way to the finals. Taking part in the solo professional male category, Tholoor will be judged on his expertise so the routine will be purely Salsa by the book. ai???I will be focussing on good footwork, andAi??acrobatics, but will be bringing my own style to it as well,ai??? he reveals. Coming from a background of breakdancing and hip hop, he will be incorporating some of those moves into his routine too. ai???You have to showcase your strong points. Someone with a ballet background can show off with a good pirouette,ai??? he explains. The challenge stems from taking part in the solo category as Salsa is usually a couplesai??i?? dance form. The lifts and cartwheels are difficult to pull off. ai???There is just no girl to spin,ai??? he laughs. But relying on his talent, skill, experience, and his ai???faith in Godai??i??, Tholoor is confident he will win the hearts of the judges and be a roaring success. Details: richarddavidtholoordanzproject. blogspot.com ai??i?? Anagha M


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