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Straighten up and decide what your poison is. Presenting Hyderabada��s best on the rocks drinks and edgy cocktails you must taste before you bid goodbye to 2015. Classic cocktails can be fun. But bartenders in the city, who are renowned as mixologists, always have something new up their sleeve and have never stepped back from ‘shaking’ things up a bit. Here are some exotic cocktails from across the city
Text: Nishad Neelambaran

Hurricane@ HRC
Hurricane, the trademark drink at the stands, just blends into the mood of the evening. This drink which is a mixture of Bacardi light rum and fruit juices like mango, orange and pineapple just makes you sway with the tunes. Served in a 24 oz Souvenir Hurricane glass, this drink is available for ` 550 (plus taxes). Details: 040 6463 6375

Spice Route
Aptly named as the Spice Route, ITCa��s bar Dublina��s signature drink is a combination of cinnamon, clove and cardamom in vanilla vodka. This mixture is then tied together with honey. This spicy drink served in a shot glass is available for `700 (plus taxes).
Details: 040 2340 0132

Champagne Punch
Seasons Bar at Taj Krishnaa��s signature drink at the counter, Champagne Punch is a mixture of grenadine, cointreau, brandy and champagne or sparkling wine. After the drink is mixed, it is garnished with fruits like raspberries, apples and any seasonal fruit. This sensational mix of fruits with alcohol served in a rock glass is for `750 (plus taxes).
Details: 040 6666 2323


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