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    With an emphasis on sourcing local, Sangeeta Kamatha��s brand is thinking big

    Sangeeta Kamath is no stranger to artisanal personal care productsa��her tryst with them started in 2004, with Lush Cosmetics. After working with over 20 companies (apart from Lush), she decided to set up her own brand, SaND for Soapaholics, in 2014. a�?Traditional Indian skin and hair care always fascinated me. When my daughter was unable to use the products available on the shelves due to various allergies, I started experimenting, way back in the 90s,a�? says Kamath, who recently launched her third outlet at The Forum, in Bengaluru. She took up aromatherapy, soap-making, lotion-crafting and slowly started on her journey towards creating SaND, by gathering age-old tried and tested recipes from family, friends and acquaintances a�� her initial trial group.
    Goata��s milk and turmeric
    a�?When we opened our first outlet last year, people didna��t believe the products were made in India,a�? says Kamath, pointing out that her products are unlike Lush because they are Ayurveda-based with Indian ingredients like turmeric, hibiscus and butter fruit. Living in a gated community in a village close to Yelahanka has its perks. a�?I get fresh goata��s milk and other products not easily available in the city, quite easily. Although, it is challenging when your milk supplier has to sell all her goats to pay for her daughtera��s wedding,a�? she shares. With everything made from scratch, each product is hand-crafted, right from blending and mixing to curing and packaging. With plans to expand to other cities in the Southa��like Chennai and Hyderabada��Kamath believes her products speak for themselves. a�?Theya��re all high quality and safe. About 70 to 80 per cent of our clientele come back to buy from us, which is phenomenal,a�? she explains.

    Going seasonal
    SaND products range from soaps, body lotions and moisturisers to bathing salts, hair oils and shampoos. Her latest creation is Deadly, a soap and face mask made with Dead Sea mud, expected to hit stores by the end of May. a�?Ita��s a very mild ingredient that removes fine lines and is effective against impurities,a�? she says. For the summer, therea��s also the seasonal Aam Leela face pack. A blend of mango pulp, avocado, yoghurt, patchouli and rosehip oil, itA� promises to revitalise the skin. Agreeing that the online retail space is the way to goa��besides her website, she is also planning to launch SaND on portals like Amazon, Flipkart and Fab Bag later this montha��she says that customers also need to get a first-hand experience of the products and strongly advises that you visit her stores first.
    Rs 125 upwards. At Forum Mall, Bengaluru. Details: 9945546610
    Rashmi Rajagopal and Meghna Prasad


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