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    Actress Jennifer Aniston talks about her upcomingA� movie Mothera��s Day and why her characterA� is on an emotional rollercoaster

    WHILE American actress Jennifer Aniston finds it a�?adorablea�� that actor Jake Gyllenhaal has admitted that he has had a crush on the Friends star years ago, the 47-year-olda��s screenwriter-husband, Justin Therouxa��s career takes a beating after the flop of Zoolander 2. Ready for the release of her upcoming star-studded comedy, Mothera��s Day, that also stars Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts, Aniston is back to sharing screen space with her Wea��re the Millers co-star Jason Sudeikis. Playing Sandy, whose ex-husband has married a younger woman, Aniston speaks about working with Roberts and the peace she has attained now.

    It was great to see you and Julia (Roberts) work together. How was it for you?
    I love her and Ia��ve known her forever so it was fun. I was a little nervous but shea��s awesome and funny.

    You and Jason have done 107 movies together. Thata��s a number. How does it feel?
    107, yes but we have only five releases. Jason and I should just continue and walk into the sunset together with the number of times we have worked together.

    What do you and your mom do on Mothera��s Day?
    We usually do brunch, actually always. We always make something special, sometimes even crafty ones. Ita��s fun to do something together.

    In the film, youa��re going through a bunch of emotions. Could you explain why?
    Sandy learns that her husband has remarried out of the blue. Worried, she is trying to overcome the challenge of sharing her children. At the same time she is thrown by Tinaa��s (Shay Mitchell) presence because shea��s much younger. Ita��s a complete game changer, when another person comes in to co-parent a child. Hence, all the emotions.

    Wea��ve heard Garrya��s films are fun to be in. What was your experience?
    Along with kindness and goodness, all Garry wants is for you to be happy. On set, ita��s a family affair. It shows in his crew, he is loved and a lot of people are there just to be with him.

    Wea��ve heard that Mothera��s Day has a lot of improv scenes? Is it true?
    Yes. Garry lets us improv, which is fun! Sometime ita��s so fun, we just go on and on. We should actually be cut sooner a�� but ita��s so much fun.

    Releases on April 29.

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