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SHE was the breakfast host in her previous portfolio on radio and had a huge tribe of listeners that tuned into her show every morning. That followed with a year in the print medium and now Sanobar is back in a brand new air space! This time around her gig is not in the morning but in the evening slot on Fever 91.9FM. I did catch her shows through the week and was pleasantly surprised to see her do things on-air she never did before. I caught up with Sano to find out more.

Crusader in the past to talking to imaginary dengue mosquitoes in the present…tell us about your new avatar?
The avatar of being radio jockey hasna��t changed. I am just bringing out the whacky and crazy Sano who was hidden all this while to the outside world. By the way, my conversation might have been imaginary but the dengue situation is, unfortunately, as real as it gets.

How has the response been to Hindi music?
In one word, wow! Amazing! (OK two words…) Can I say, we a�?converteda�? people? Months of hard work has paid off. We undertook extensive research to understand what Chennai likes and our Chennai is very different and unique. Chennai simply rocks and we play what Chennaiites love.

How different is theA�evening time band from the morninga��adjusted?
The evening time band is to get people to lose their inhibitions. Therefore, we look at only doing fun, quirky and mad stuff on-air. I love my new time slot. Ita��s exciting and I can say that I feel at home on my show!

What is your show Lose Control all about and how do you lose your control?
Lose Control is about all things that matter, be it serious or absolute fun. They all get to experience a liberal dose of the Sano twist. And about me losing control. I stalk IT professionals, they are funny. Trust me on this, I married one!

For those of you who missed Sano on-air, feast your ears out every weekday between 5 pm and 9 pm on Lose Control only on 91.9FM. See you next week!
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