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From delicious dimsums to succulent satays, Wokai??i??s Hot Pan-Asian Food Festival at Novotel is a celebration of Asian flavours
Our experience at the food festival at Wokai??i??s Hot in Novotel Hyderabad Convention Centre can be expressed with the Chinese proverb that is on the wall of the Square, their all-day diner ai??i?? ai???To the ruler, the people are heaven. To the people, food is heaven.ai??? Offering a vast range of delicacies from South East Asia, Ashish Chowdhary, marketing and service manager at Novotel, tells us, ai???We have a different menu every day and our aim is to celebrate Pan-Asian flavours. We serve authentic cuisines instead of localising them.ai??? We note that there are two open-air live counters, as well as an indoor buffet section.

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The vegetarians can opt for the Vietnamese Vegetable Roll served with a sweet and sour sauce which will delight your taste buds and fulfill a part of your daily dose of nutrients as well. However, the highlight of the buffet is undoubtedly the dim sums which come with a whole range of fillings such as prawns, chicken, fish, assorted vegetables and corn water-chestnut. What further enhances the taste are the sauces available to complement them. You can choose from mustard, tomato, spring onion and ginger, parsley with garlic and hot chilli among others.
novotel5Meanwhile, the dim sums and tomato sauce, in particular, goes perfectly well when paired with a glass of red wine. A variety of spices and herbs such as mint, galangal (a flavouring agent) and lemon grass are used by the chefs, lend the dishes a strong aromatic component. For the meat lovers, the caramelised tenderloin satay, would be the winner. The sauce is rich, sweet and the meat is succulent. This dish would certainly make you want to come back for more. However, if your palate favours something spicy, try
the fried fish from the Teppanyaki counter. The salmon, in particular, is an absolute treat ai??i?? perfectly cooked with a hint of lemon.
Till December 18, from 6.30 pm onwards. Price: Rs 2,100; Details: Ai??66824422
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