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Shandaar (Romance/Comedy),
UTV Movies, 8 pm
Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Alia Bhatt
Alia (Bhatt), an insomniac, is the adopted daughter of Bipin Arora (Pankaj Kapur). Though the Arora clan is not very kind to Alia, Bipin and his daughter Isha (Sanah Kapoor) adore the girl. Soon Ishaa��s marriage is fixed with Robin Fundwani (Vikas Arora), in a bid to improve their financial condition with the alliance. On the way to the wedding, Aroraa��s car is rammed by a motorcycle driven by Jagjinder Joginder aka JJ (Kapur), who is the event manager for Ishaa��s wedding. During the wedding, JJ and Alia are drawn to each other, especially when it is discovered that JJ is an insomniac too. While they find their peace, Fundwani manages to break Ishaa��s heart. The film was previously titled Return Gift.

2Karthik Calling Karthik (Drama/Thiller), Star Gold HD, 11.05 pm
Cast: Farhan Akthar, Deepika Padukone
Leading a dull dreary corporate life in a construction company, Karthik (Akthar) finds his life change when he starts receiving phone calls from a mysterious caller who ends up giving him advice on how to overcome difficult moments. He also manages to win the heart of his co-worker Shonali Mukherjee (Padukone), again thanks to the callera��s help. But trouble starts when Karthik informs Shonali and a psychiatrist about the caller, who then becomes aggressive in his approach and threatens to bring Karthika��s life down, the same way he brought it up. Karthik loses his job, Shonali leaves him, and things go down hill. While the filma��s music was composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, the background score was given by MIDIval Punditz and Karsh Kale.

3The Tuxedo
Zee Studio, 9 pm
Cast: Jackie Chan, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jimmay Tong (Chan) is a taxi driver with a reputation for driving fast. He is noticed by Clark Devlin (Jason Isaacs) who, impressed by his driving skills and his personality, makes Tong his personal chauffeur. But Tong has no idea that Devlin is a spy, and when the former ends up in a coma after an assassination attempt by Dietrich Banninga��s (Ritchie Coster), Tong gets hold of his mastera��s case files and his watch, which controls a special tuxedo. Once worn, it gives to the wearer special powers, like martial arts skills and speed. Can Tong stop Banning from committing more atrocities? This was the first lead collaboration between Hewitt and Chan.


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