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    Titanic (Romantic/Drama),
    Star Movies, 5 pm
    Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio,
    Kate Winslet, Billy Zane
    The story begins with a bounty hunter looking for the wreck of the Titanic together with Rose, who was a passenger on the ill fated ship. She recounts the tale starting with young Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) winning a third class ticket in a poker game, giving his friend and him an opportunity to board the Titanic. First class passenger Rose (Kate Winslet) meets Jack on board and soon falls in love. The studio wanted Matthew McConoughey, but James Cameron was keen on Leonardo DiCaprio.

    telesatnottinghillNotting Hill (Romance/Comedy),
    Romedy Now, 3.55 pm
    Cast: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Richard McCabe
    When William Tacker (Hugh Grant),
    who owns a bookstore in Notting Hill, meets famous film star Anna Scott
    (Julia Roberts), it is a dream come true
    for him. After another chance encounter (where he spills orange juice on her clothes and takes her home to get her clothes changed) they become good friends and eventually fall in love. But
    it is not easy for a common man to be in love with a film star. Most of the shots of Julia Roberts used in the opening
    credits was used from the show Entertainment Tonight.


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