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    From left, 'Piranha 3D', 'The Tower', 'Lockout' & 'Horton hears a who!'

    Piranha 3D, Star Movies, 9.00 pm
    Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Steven R. McQueen(Drama)

    An earthquake hits Arizona and the floor of Lake Victoria splits. Scores of Piranhas are unleashed into the lake where hordes of teens are partying. Sheriff Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) realises the danger when she finds the body of missing fisherman Matt Boyd, who is killed by the piranhas. Soon, a motley group of volunteers team up to fight the man-eating fish. The film was actually shot on Lake Havasu, Arizona and not on Lake Victoria.

    The Tower, Sony Pix, 4.26 pm
    Cast: Sol Kyung-gu, Kim Sang-Kyung (Action)
    A Christmas party isA�underway at a 120-storey building, Tower Sky, in Seoul. One of the helicoptersA�(used for sprinkling snowA�onto the party) circling above the building crashes into it. Manager Lee Dae-hoA�(Kim Sang-Kyung) and fire fighter Kang Young-ki risk all to save people and put out the fire. The director of the movie Kim Ji-hoon took inspiration from the 1974 Hollywood film The Towering Inferno.

    Lockout, Star Movies, 12.41 pm
    Cast:Guy Pearce, Maggie Grace (Science Fiction / Action)

    Undercover agent Frank Armstrong is murdered after he finds evidence of an agent selling state secrets of a space programme. CIA agent Snow (Guy Pearce) is falsely accused and put in an outer space prison. When the US Presidenta��s daughter Emilie Warnock arrives at the prison for investigation, prisoners escape and capture her. Authorities promise Snow freedom if he saves Emilie. The film grossed $14,326,864 in the United States and Canada.

    Horton Hears a Who!A�Romedy Now, 7.30 pm
    Voices: Jim Carrey,Steve Carell (Animation)

    Horton (Jim Carrey), with his sharp hearing ability, hears a cry forA�help from a speck of dust. The speckA�is occupied by the Whos who liveA�in Whoville. Horton listens to their problem and tries to solve it.A�Horton even finds a safer spot,A�on a clover, for the speck. But his friends do not understand and refuse to believe him and end up nearly destroying the speck of Whos. The first Dr Seuss adaptation, fully animated,A�using CGI technology.


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