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(clockwise from top) Sonakshi Sinha in 'Lootera', poster of the film 'Little Manhattan' and the poster of the film 'Paranormal Activity 4'.

Paranormal Activity-4, HBO,9 pm
Cast: Kathryn Newton,A�Katie Featherson

Picking up from the previous installement, it starts five years after Katie murdered her sistera��s family and takes her one-year-old son with her. The story now focuses on Alice (Kathryn Newton). A series of paranormalA�incidents begin to occur at her home when the neighboura��s son Robbie starts staying with her after his mother falls sick. Character Robbie was named after Robbie Mannheim, a child who allegedly was a victim of an evil possession (in 1959) and he had an exorcism done to save his life.

Little Manhattan,10.20 am,A�Romedy Now
Cast: Josh Hutcherson, Charlie Ray (Romance)

Eleven-year-old Gabe (Josh Hutcherson) is attracted to his childhood friend Rosemary Telesco (Charlie Ray), who is his sparring partner at karate class. Much to his dismay, Rosemary is moving out of town and will not be back till the end of Summer. Confused with his new feelings and being in the middle of parents getting divorced, he falls in love for the first time. Both writers/directors are married and wrote the script within six weeks.

Lootera, MAX, 8 pm
Cast: Ranveer Singh,A�Sonakshi Sinha (Romance)

Daughter of a zamindar, Pakhi ( Sonakshi Sinha) is an aspiring writer and is smitten by Varun (Ranveer Singh) whom she accidentally hits while learning to drive. Varun is an archaeologist, who is researching about the land surrounding the temple, owned by Pakhia��s father. He ends up staying at her home as a guest and they fall in love. However, on the day of their wedding, Varun goes missing and so do the idols from the temple. SinhaA�has draped nine sarees in the number, Sanwaar Loon.


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