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The Expendables, Sony Pix, 2.49 pm, Cast: Sylvester Stallone,
Jason Statham (Action)
Barney Ross (Stallone) and his team of mercenaries embark on a mission to  end the rule of a murderous dictator General Gaza (David Zayas) in asmall island country, Vilena.
On their undercover mission, they meet Sandra (Giselle Itie), a freedom fighter and get to understand the conflict in the country. After an incident with a troop, the team is forced to flee from the island, leaving Sandra behind. Stallone sustained 14 injuries during the shoot.

Armored, Zee Studio, 6.30 pm
Cast: Columbus Short,
Matt Dillion (Action)
To make ends meet, Ty Hackette (Columbus Short) agrees to participate in a robbery of two armored trucks transporting $42 million, planned by his godfather and co-worker Mike (Matt Dillon). Ty has a condition that none should get hurt during the heist. But the promise is compromised when a homeless man who witnessed the robbery, is killed by Mike. An agitated Ty turns against the crew and tries to stop them from stealing. The film was accidentally released by Sony on the play station network.

Trick r Treat, WB, 5.45 pm
Cast: Dylan Baker,
Brian Cox (Horror)
The movie revolves around four interwoven Halloween-related horror stories. A school principal has a secret life of a serial killer. A group of teenagers pull up a mean prank, leading to a bus accident. A wife is brutally murdered for blowing out the Jack-o’-lantern early against traditions. On her way to a party, Laurie, a 22-year-old virgin, is attacked by a man dressed as a vampire. Based on Michael Dougherty’s animated short film Season’s Greetings.

Divided We Fall, UTV Movies, 5 pm
Cast: Bolek Polivka,
Anna Siskove (Czech)
Josef (Bolek Polívka) and Marie (Anna Siskove), a childless couple in Nazi-occupied-Czechoslovakia, take a risk by hiding David, a Jew, who has escaped a concentration camp in Poland. With luck and ingenuity they manage to hide him from everyone including Horst, their friend and Nazi collaborator. While doing so, they find themselves making unorthodox choices and learn about the true nature of the people around them. Nominated for Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.


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