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The new brunch at Trident Hyderabad focuses on fine dining with the family  

While long lazy Sunday brunches are common, Saturday options are meager in the city. In a bid to get your weekend started on the right note, Trident Hyderabad has introduced Saturday brunches, offering different themes every week at Amara, their signature restaurant. Chef Manik Magotra elaborates, “The theme varies every week. It can be about superheroes or maybe just the office canteen. This is totally a brunch to have with family, kids and friends.”

We walked into their ‘Back to School’ Saturday – that was complemented with a buffet spread which was in sync with the theme. On the counters were varieties of glazed pastries, chocolate coins, strawberry pin-wheels, jujubes, and marshmallows. There were also spring rolls, dahi kachoris, momos, samosas, french fries, and more. However, the stuffing in Kolkata’s famous Nizam Kebab Kathi roll could have been drier. The live counters included one for Maggi noodles – cooked in different styles like Andhra Maggi, Himachal Maggi served with a dash of chopped coriander. To sip along with all the eats they have some bubbly rose wine too.


The mains feature the likes of Dilli Ki Galiyon Wali Nalli Nihari and Nani Ma Ka Special Chicken. The use of spices and oil was balanced as were the complex flavours. The separate counter for chatapata food offers a tangy-spicy mix of sliced guavas, cucumbers and ber (Indian plums). Also expect to be entertained occasionally by magicians who were going from table to table with interesting tricks up their sleeves.

Time: 12.30 pm – 3.30 pm
Price per head: `1,999++
Details: 66232323

— Saima Afreen


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