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    This app searches for Tasmacs and tells you the going rates for your favourite tipple

    A year ago, when one of R Ragesha��s friends from Hyderabad had to cough up an extra Rs 200 for a bottle of whiskey at a Tasmac in Chennai, the software engineer decided to launch an app to ensure getting your evening tipple isna��t a hassle. Launched last September, Easy Tasmac not only locates ou1tlets in Tamil Nadu, but also shows prevailing market rates for alcohol.
    a�?I developed my own code to filter Google search results for the outlets, after which I synced their locations with the app, via Google Maps,a�? begins Ragesh, who works with an MNC in the city, adding that it also has an inbuilt calculator that helps users total up their bills for bulk orders. a�?Around 75 per cent of all Tasmac outlets in the state have been integrated into the app and plans are on to include more,a�? he reveals. Currently, Ragesh is looking to make the app more user friendly by introducing pop-up visual guides (with instructions on how to use the app) and integrating it with Facebook (you can log in with your account). a�?In future, users can also recommend outlets that have not been included in the app,a�? he continues, revealing plans to start a website by July. a�?Once the website is up, we will look at manually approaching the outlets and learning their daily sales patterns to help users figure out what brands to expect from which outlet and when,a�? he concludes.

    Available for free download for Android (2.3 and up). Windows and iOS to be available soon. Details: facebook.com/easytasmac

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