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    Therea��s something absolutely sinful in being able to dig into a deep bowl of ice cream thata��s laden with flavours of different kinds a�� flavours that are no longer restricted to the predictable chocolate, and vanilla. And with international brands making their way into the city, gourmet ice creams are the way to go.

    Taste in a tub
    Move over strawberry blocks, ita��s time to for C3 coffee cookie crumble tub by Hokey Pokey. Loaded with chocolate ice cream, cookies, coffee, and dark chocolate fudge, this onea��s a must-have. Or if youa��re in the mood for something fruity, how about the verry verry berry thata��s got Swiss strawberry ice cream, assorted fruit confiture, jujubes, and rainbow sprinkles. If you dona��t feel like eating out, buy a tub and take it home.
    Rs.70 onwards (at outlets), and Rs.195 onwards (for 500 ml tubs). At Koramangala. Details: hokeypokey.in

    Delicious trouble
    Swensena��s has recently opened its sixth outlet in the city. If you have time to spare, grab a seat and try the Oreo brownie sundae. Served in a large bowl lined with a crispy waffle basket, ita��s got chocolate ice cream, oreo cookies, crushed brownie, banana slices, and is topped with almond and chocolate sauce.
    Rs.179. At Koramangala, 4th Block. Details: 9900700144

    Stoned surprise
    One of the latest trends to hit the city are ice creams made teppanyaki style. You pick your favourite combination, and toppings, and the man behind the counter will mix it all up for you on cold stone slab. Stoner is one of the hottest places to check out these frozen desserts. The caramel custard ice cream is one of their fastest selling treats. Here, butterscotch and vanilla ice cream are mixed together with caramel sauce, figs or fresh strawberries (season-dependant), and topped off with a small dollop of caramel custard.
    Rs.170. At 100 Ft Road, Indiranagar, and Koramangala, 6th Block. Details: 41312123, and 49652159

    Street love
    The other place to check out ice cream made teppanyaki style is Cream Stone. They even have a diet friendly sundae, made with seasonal fruits, and sugarfree ice cream. Or just dig into fossil fuel, where ice cream is mixed with roasted almonds, pastry, crunchy waffle, hot chocolate fudge, and gems.
    Rs.170. At Indiranagar, and Kalyan Nagar. Details: 8553666666, and 8025421566

    One of the cutest things Art of Delight does is serve chocolate mousse and nutella cheesecake in jars. Yes, ita��s probably overrated, but we dona��t mind the presentation at all. The cheesecake has a layer of crumble at the bottom, and is topped with a generous serving of nutella.
    Rs.350. At Residency Road. Details: 49148351

    Posh ice
    Save an occasion, and go to Haagen Dazs for whata��s called paradise. Ita��s made with ice cream (vanilla, Belgian chocolate, caramel biscuit, cream, coffee, cookies & cream), mango and raspbberry sorbet, served with a crunchy wafer, warm chocolate sauce, and strawberry slices.
    Rs.795. At MG Road. Details: 49652778
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