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    Look out for workshops for children, band and piano concerts at four different locations, as part of the World music Day celebrationsA�

    Fete de la Musiquea��the annualA� music celebration hosted in cities across the worlda��is a major attraction with music lovers here. In its eighth edition, pianist Anil Srinivasan is giving the performance a spin by bringing in underprivileged children (an experiment hea��d tried in 2012, too). a�?TheA� concert on the 20th,A�with 400 children, will promote social harmony,a�? he says, adding that on World Music BandPic2Day (June 21), he will perform with pianistsA�Shariq HassanA�and Alexandra MiA�oza. a�?This is a unique concert as three pianists are coming togetherA� for the first time. You will hear jazz, western and Indian classical music,a�? he shares. The event will also see workshops for children conducted by him and faculty members from the KM Music Conservatory, at various locations like Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and Nageshwara Park.

    Band conscious
    Also watch out for the band, The Beta Funktion, which performedA� their first gig as part of the Alliance Music Festival in 2013. According to Vijay Krishnan, the guitarist, the audience can expect around 15 songs in an hour. a�?The crowda��s definitely very knowledgeable music-wise, so it will be one power-packed performance,a�? he says. The band consisting of Rohit Subramanian on vocals, Krishnan on guitar, Manoj Krishnan on drums and Sooraj Kumarr A�on bass, dream of collaborating with Myles Kennedy, Jimmy Page and others.

    The music festival begins on June 16 and goes on till June 21 at various locations. Details: 28271477

    -Mrinalini Sundar


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