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    Pepsi plays a prank, the CIA gets exposed and stranger love reigns supreme

    Joy ride
    Racing champion Jeff Gordon teams up with Pepsi MAX for part two of the original Test Drive. They pull a prank on automotive journalist Travis Okilski who had questioned the authenticity of the original. GordonA� plays an ex-convict taxi driver transporting Okilski. En route, State Troopers catch up and the skeptic is in for the ride of his life. All until he drives straight into a Pepsi MAX party, proving the authenticity of the videos. With 14 million hits, this is a must watch.

    Kiss and tell
    A video called First Kiss by amateur filmmaker Tatia Pilieva stole hearts across the globe. It captures the cute and awkward first kiss of 20 strangers. And although hesitant to begin, the nervousness on screen and off-screen just melts into happiness. And after your faith in humanity is restored, re-watch it, paying close attention to the clothes in the clip, as it is in fact a covert advertising tactic for clothing brand Wren Studio. So much for capturing raw human emotion and attraction!

    Inside intel
    This video (10 Secret Facts about the CIA) spill the beans on things the agency has hidden from the world. Some of their plans seem ruthless like the selling of faulty equipment to the USSR, while others include placing microphones on cats to eavesdrop on the Communists. It also reveals cover-ups like hacking the Soviet headquarters in Berlin in the 50s, a mole tipping off the KGB and the CIA being fed fake intel for over a year.

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