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    Real-life couple and ai???love professorsai??i?? Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra help couples keep the romance alive

    Letai??i??s just say it as it is. Most people could do with a lesson in love, whether they are in a relationship or not. Bringing the focus on committed couples is MTVai??i??s Love School (Season 2), where real-life couples are given major lessons on improving honesty, trust and communication in their relationships, in the form of tasks. The show will not just test the couplesai??i?? love and commitment towards each other, but also focus on improving and strengthening their relationship. Hosting the show
    are the ai???love professorsai??i??, real-life couple Anusha Dandekar and Karan Kundra, who are instrumental in working things around. Here are the two on what itai??i??s
    like working on the show together, what their own relationship is like, and more.

    What prompted the two of you to be a part of Love School 2?
    Anusha: The most exciting part, both for Karan and I, was to be working together. We found ourselves in a good place to host a show like this because love is complicated but it doesnai??i??t have to be. Plus, you learn a lot from people and you also give people advice about love. We decided to take on the show because it seemed like really good fun, a different kind of a show and a challenge, all at the same time.
    Karan: When you get to see the show, you will see itai??i??s not like oneAi?? where there are tasks and eliminations, and we just go and tell them what they have to do. We work on issues like commitment, trust, insecurity, anger, intimacy. It is a task. It is almost like counselling them. And, of course, it is all about love and I get to do it with my girlfriend.

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    Anusha: The best line in a relationship that I have heard is ai???choose your battlesai??i??. Everybody should choose their battles, not fight, laugh it off, or find a way to sort it out by having a conversation. What most people do instead is, try to accuse each other. I think a conversation solves a lot.
    Karan: My problem was that I had communication problems. I used to not talk to people and I used to find solutions on my own. Thatai??i??s not the right thing to do. There would have been so many problems that would have been sorted if only I had communicated. With Anusha, I have learnt that itai??i??s okay to communicate about what is troubling you. It just adds to the relationship and you make it work.

    Is there a sense of nervousness regarding how will the audience react to you being a couple in real life, hosting the show?
    Anusha: Yes. It is there. Iai??i??m nervous because everybody has seen me in a different way. They have been watching MTV for a while and they have never seen me in this avatar. But, I am so glad Karan is there. I think the audience is going to be taken on a journey with us and they are going to get to experience a lot with us.
    Karan: No, not at all. We have worked really hard. There is a reason why so many couples were chosen, but eventually the channel and the production house and everybody chose me and Anusha as we have the audience support and also we have a certain way of life. Our opinions and principles were required for the show.

    Love School 2 airs on MTV on Saturdays, 7 pm.
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