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    The headlining acts performing at The Music Festival tell us whata��s in store for the opening weekend.

    here are two kinds of musicians in the entertainment industry: one-hit wonders and those who make it the hard way. Chennai-based musical ensemble, Orlando & the Medium Rare Band, belong to the latter. With over a decade of experience, theya��ve showcased their large repertoire of a�?happy, sing-along and nostalgica�� songs at clubs, pubs, corporate events, weddings and the festival circuit. Now, riding on the popularity of their rock ballad, Mad About You, which premiered on MTV Indies, the band is poised to perform at ?season four of ?The Music Festival ?organised by Amaranta Entertainment?.?

    Breaking stereotype
    a�?Wea��re all about retro rock and elegance. We play songs that people can relate to with a time in their lives. Our music takes you there, to that period. Or our tunes make the listener happy,a�? begins frontman Orlando Ambrose, whoa��ll be joined by Eugene Guest (drums), Neil Roberts (bass), Bruce Lee (guitar) and Anthony Karuna (keys) on August 7. The quintet expresses that they feel privileged to be part of Amarantaa��s well-curated line-up, which also features Thaikkudam Bridge and Suraj Mani & The Tattva Trip, because they strongly believe that this event shines the limelight on independent artistes. a�?With gigs lined up in Chennai and Bengaluru, and plans to venture North, wea��ve got a lot on our plates right now. For The Music Festival, wea��re doing something special and embracing our pan-genre philosophy. Wea��ll play some of our yet-to-be-released original tunes like All I Need (electronic dance music), Breathless (RnB) and Baby I Love You (pop),a�? concludes 35-year-old Ambrose.
    On August 7, from 5.30 pm, at Sir Mutha Hall. Rs 400 onwards.Details: bookmyshow.com

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