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    Park Hyatta��s Abhishek Shukla on cotton candy mojitos, carbonated cocktails and his signature, the molecular B-52

    PARK HYATTa��s Abhishek Shukla recalls that his first experiment with molecular mixology was the B-52. Fortunately for him, the layered cocktail featuring coffee liqueur, Irish cream and a triple sec, was an instant hit at the hotela��s sunken bar and fuelled other experiments of the scientific kind. The beverage manager has since added cotton candy mojitos to the new Market Brunch at The Flying Elephant, creme de cassis a�?caviara�� (liquid-filled pearls using the process of spherification) in his Kir Royale, and hopes to include carbonated cocktails to the list. Currently fine-tuning their Masters of Food and Wine series, due to begin on August 22 (mezze and street food specialists are expected), he promises an updated molecular cocktails menu next month. `795. Details: 71771234

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    PARK19Martini with vanilla cloud
    Mandarin flavoured vodka, lime sugar and vanilla air make for another pretty picture. Preferred by the ladies. Vodka, admits Shukla, is the easiest to work with in molecular mixology, as it brings no added flavour baggage. But what will really help his cause is fancy a�?moleculara�� equipment that he prays will reach him on time.

    PARK15Martini with rose cloud
    This nifty little drink featuring rose-infused gin and dry vermouth is popular with the global set. Reflecting the heavy monsoon skies, with a hint of cucumber to highlight the gin. While Chennaiites may favour the Old Fashioned and the Mojito, a little experimentation doesna��t hurt.


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