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    Purveyors of all things cool, Social Offline restaurant has off-late started hosting a bunch of events such as a pop-up-cum ice cream tasting session by Delhi-based e-commerce store Bhane.com, earlier in the year along with offbeat workshops. Todaya��s session will be conducted by Kavita Shenoy, co-founder of Voiro.com, an online platform to identify skilled professionals from the filmmaking industry. Shenoy will come armed with tips and tricks to turn your average amateur videos into high quality creations. Open to both budding filmmakers and those new to the art, the event is a talk supported by a Powerpoint presentation.
    a�?Creating a video is not as easy as it seems. If you take it lightly and go into production without being prepared, things can go horribly wrong with you having to do it all over again,a�? begins Shenoy, who has worked with ad agency Lintas, YouTube and Starsports.com.
    Aimed at startups who need the medium to encapsulate the workings of their companies to employees, investors and others, Shenoy will give insights into simplifying the process with easy steps. a�?My talk will cover topics like paying attention to detail, learning how to boost yourself to be organically discovered online, streamlining your thought process and clarifying the technicalities involved, and video optimisation, all of which will help create a good quality end-product,a�? explains Shenoy.
    Shenoy and the other co-founder of Voiro.com, Anand Gopal will also be using the two-hour workshop as a platform to launch their site. a�?We found that there are lots of people who want videos made but have no clue how to get in touch with talented professionals. So we decided to make our website a repository for those looking for filmmakers, actors, musicians and others involved in the process of filmmaking,a�? she says.
    Entry free. Today, 4 pm. At Church Street Social. Details: 8105796867


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