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    Zindagi Wins comes with the promise of realistic personal and professional drama

    With Bindass exploring various genres of series, the newest show, Zindagi Wins, is a peep into the medical world and the coming-of-age journey of a young cardiologist. The show will follow Dr Aliya portrayed by Abigail Pande and Dr Malvika by Sara Khan, as the protagonists as they balance morality and duty on the way. a�?I play Aliya, a simple, friendly girl who is idealsitic and follows her heart,a�? begins Pande, adding that while her character is friendly with Malvika, their approach to life is different and forms the crux of the show.
    Reminiscent of the early days of Greya��s Anatomy and Scrubs, Pande has always wanted to do a show like this, as during her childhood, she wanted to be a doctor. a�?I grabbed the opportunity since I have grown up watching medical dramas, my favorites,a�? she says.
    Pande brings her own interpretation to the table saying, a�?It is new and different but, at the same time, a fun and learning experience as I havena��t worked in a medical drama before. I am learning a lot about various medical terms and about a work-life balance, too!a�?

    Emotional report
    Telling us what drew her to the show, the actor also seen in Yeh Hai Aashiqui on the same channel and also on several Channel V shows, credits the real and raw emotion the series hopes to brings to the fore as the clincher. a�?It is so true, how we young people approach life. Each one has a different belief and follows different principles. It will appeal to the audience because it follows a basic philosophy of a clash between heart and mind, which every youth, or even adult, can easily relate to,a�? she signs off.
    Saturdays at 7 pm on Bindass.

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