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    Job hunters turn to video resume apps to make an impression

    Cutting through the usual text heavy resumes is the new trend of video resumes. Not only does it bypass the boring word documents, it also helps highlight your personality ahead of a face-to-face interview. Here are a few apps that will help you record your first step.
    Vresapp: Launched in April by city-based Kannan Sankaran, Vresapp is currently hosting a Resume Festa��where job seekers can sign up and create videos for their own use. This is an experimental campaign, as the app is a portal through which video resumes can be sent to recruitment companies who, in turn, distribute them to relevant companies. The campaign will now allow applicants to get the link of the videoa��which comes with an uploaded photo, text resume and five certificates. With over 23,000 registrations, the campaign is on till the end of the month. Details: vresapp.com
    Jobma: A profile in Jobma includes not only a video and a traditional resume, but also links to an applicanta��s social network sites. The Haryana-based site maintains a database of clients and applicants, so that either party can be notified about who has applied and which company the resume has been sent to. An interesting feature is the One-Way Interview, where employers can record a set of questions on video and job seekers can answer them in another video within a specified time limit. Available for Android and Apple devices. Details: jobma.com
    Spark Hire: Creating an account on the US-based Spark Hire is free and easy. Hit record, say what you want to and let the app to send your video into the market through its own portal. Or you could get the URL and send it yourself. The good part is that you can keep recording till you are satisfied with the output. On the App Store and Play Store. Details: sparkhire.com
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