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    Apparao Galleries hope to help entrepreneurs shape their artistic ideas into successful ventures .

    Offering a fresh take on creative businesses is art curator and gallerist, Sharan Apparao, with an eclectic workshop on Business in Creativity. Bringing together a designer, film art director and a Bharatanatyam danseuse, among others, the workshop, conceptualised by Apparao for FICCI Ladies Organi-sation (FLO), is for anyone looking to run a creative enterprise. a�?Often, when in a creative business, one doesna��t tend to focus on the business side of things,a�? says Apparao, adding that this event will give a glimpse into the different elements that make creative entrepreneurs click.

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    a�?There are several dancers in the city but they take for granted something that successful dancers like Malavika Sarukkai and Alarmelvalli dona��ta��the importance of rigour, relentless practice and keeping their art fresh,a�? Apparao explains. On her part, Sarukkai, 56, says the challenge really is in the way one moves from the realm of being repetitive to the realm of creative retelwinter 1ling, using dance as a language. At the event, she hopes to talk about what being creative really is, and why habit (and consequently, repetition) is dangerous in any field, especially in a performing art like dance.
    Another panellist, Alexander Zacharia, is the creative director of Rubecon Communications, which designs ads, packages and logos for some popular city-based brands, including Hatsun and Park Hyatt. He will be detailing successful campaigns done by his 24-year-old organisation. a�?An ad is more than a striking visual. It must convey an idea that sticks around for long. This is important even for small brands. I will be showcasing some of our interesting work along those lines over the years,a�? says the 53-year old.

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    Film art director Thota Tharini will stress the ability to coordinate different elements in business, while Ahalya S, who owns the designer boutique of Kanjeevaram saris, Kanakavalli, will speak on the importance of packaging and promoting. Architect Kritika Subrahmanian, who runs the luxury hotel Svathma in Tanjore, will stress on the planning aspects for a creative project. Visalakshi Ramaswamy will detail techniques on income generation through a social enterprisea��Manjal (which trains villagers on the
    traditional crafts of Chettinad and creates a market for them in the city). And Kaveri Lalchand, who runs the label K Clothing, will focus on product pricing as a differentiator. Following the sessions, participants can present a mock business plan to the panellists.
    On April 5. Details: 9884694616

    Events like these dona��t give all the answers that one is looking for but it definitely helps to hear stories of different people, what happened and how they made it. At the very least, these events convey a sense of how many people have been through the same problems.
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