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    Express your fashion status in one swipe with these beauties

    Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese once said to a daily, a�?Heels and red lipstick will put the fear of God in people.a�? While we cana��t vouch for that, we can assure you that Marilyn Monroe turned many a head with her red pout in the 1950s. And if Taylor Swifta��s new song describing red lips is anything to go by, this bold shade will always be in demand.

    Text by: Mayuri J Ravi

    Vipul Bhagat,
    Makeup artist, Mumbai
    I vote for the lip pencil
    Bhagat prefers using lip pencils on his models. According to him, they are ideal for outlining the lips. a�?They provide a long lasting wear and do not feather or bleed. They have a smooth and creamy texture that is perfect for colouring the lips,a�? he says.

    Ambika Pillai,
    Hairstylist, Delhi
    Women of all ages can rock matte red
    Matte is her favourite finish and works for any occasion, says Pillai. It is better than gloss because it stays fresh for hours. a�?Lipstains are also trending now. You just have to rub lipstick on your finger and smack it on your lips,a�? she says. To give it a cleaner finish, apply lip balm 20 minutes before you use lipstick.

    Nicole Faria,
    Model, Mumbai
    I pair my red lips with smoky eyes or winged liner
    Faria loves the M.A.C Cherry Red and Anastasia Beverly Hills in Spice. She is also a fan of the highlighting and contouring makeup technique. a�?Smoky eyes or winged liner with red lips has always been in vogue. But we need to make sure that the intensity of the eyeliner is toned down so more focus is on the lips,a�? she offers.

    Prasad Bidapa,
    Fashion choreogrpher, Bengaluru
    Wear clear red during the day,A�but keep it matte
    Different shades can be used at different times of the day, feels Bidapa, who loves Chanela��s Coco Rouge collection. For an evening look, he suggests going with brighter shades or a hint
    of gloss on your lips.

    Aniruddha Chakladar,
    Makeup artist, Kolkata
    True reds work for fair skin tones, and cherry for dusky skin
    Chakladar, who prefers the vibrant Ruby Woo by M.A.C, says that most shades of red work on medium skin tones. a�?Women with darker complexions should opt for darker reds like cherry and maroon,a�? he says.

    Chanel Rouge Coco Dimitri
    The Chanel girl since 2006, Keira Knightley is back as the brand ambassador of the branda��s new collection. The Coco line has a variety of colours, named after her close friends. But this season, Rouge Coco in Dimitri takes all the attention. It keeps your lips moisturised and hydrated at least for four hours, before you reapply. At `2,283.
    Details: chanel.com

    Gucci Iconic Red
    A bold, saturated red with a smooth finish, Guccia��s Iconic Red, Audacious Lipstick has retro appeal. The sculpted sharp edge of the lipstick allows for precise application and gives complete coverage in a single swipe. At `2,474 it is a little harsh on the pocket, but worth it. Details:A�gucci.com

    Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus
    With Emma Stone giving a thumbs up at the SAG awards, everyonea��s following suit. The lipstick, which is neither too glossy nor too matte, gives a perfect creamy finish. Suitable for fair to medium skin tones. At `506.
    Details: 23457221

    La��oreal Color RicheA�La��Extraordinaire Rouge Soprano
    Katrina Kaif rocked it on the Cannes 2015 red carpet. This ruby or watermelon red will transform your lips from ordinary to extraordinary and are perfect for those who love hi-shine. And at `950, try resisting this one. Details:A�lorealparis.co.in

    M.A.C Ruby Woo
    Taylor Swifta��s staple is not just for celebrities. Usually out of stock in days, this lipstick gives a perfect matte finish and suits all skin tones. At `2,200. Details: 30083404



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