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    A still from 'Lootera' and Director Vikram Motwane (right)

    Vikram Motwane is the official spokesperson to represent Jameson India at the Jameson Empire Awards 2014 and is a part of the jury for the Indian round. The director whose last outing Lootere wowed the critics and masses alike, will be judging the short film competition that will see filmmakers from 19 countries remaking their favourite Hollywood movie in under 60 seconds. We got Motwanea��s opinion on short films, stars and more.


    There seems to be a sudden rise in the number of short films made in India.
    Thata��s a great opportunity to showcase your talents. YouTube has changed the world. This would have been difficult 10-15 years ago. But today you can make a film with your cellphone, video, iPad and show it to the world while sitting in Bhopal or Lucknow. Short films are always a stepping stone to make feature films and they even get a theatrical release now.

    Given a choice, which Hollywood film would you have made in under 60 seconds and why?
    Rocky, as IA� love that the action in it or maybe the Star Wars series. Actually, I can think of 20 other such films.

    Lootere was given a warm reception by critics and masses alike. Do you think film criticism is finally coming of age in India?
    Reviews are always about the personal relationship between the reader and critic. You like to pick those criticsa�� reviews you believe in. I think critics somehow do a decent job these days. Like, Besharam was ripped apart and it didna��t work with the public as well. At times, I admit they cana��t gauge what the public wants.

    Do you believe in getting out of your comfort zone to make a film?
    Definitely. One should always do that, otherwise what is the thrill in film-making and I think I have always done it till date.

    Do you think Bollywood is still driven by stars?
    I think the entire world of cinema is driven by stars. Can you imagine Captain Phillips without Tom Hanks? Except for maybe Quentin Tarantino films.

    Films you love watching over and again?
    Animation films like Finding Nemo, Up, Despicable Me and Madagascar.

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