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Everyone is taking selfies, but only a few get it right. We tell you how to strike the right pose, just in time for  the countdown

WITH the advent of Instagram and mega-pixel mobile cameras, the selfie culture has evolved from a narcissistic indulgence to a form of self expression. Models are taking them backstage, actors are taking them on sets; in fact there is no wrong place to take one—as Obama’s controversial selfie at the Mandela funeral proves. So we asked a few self confessed selfie experts to give us tips on taking the perfect selfie (incidentally, Oxford Dictio-nary’s word of 2013).

From the top
Chennai-born model Rochelle Maria Rao likes taking selfies because, “it tells me if I look good before I head out. And I do want to show off if I am hanging out with a close friend or doing something fun,” Rao says. Her favourite angle is “the top angle. A good selfie should also have a bit of the background,” she adds. Chenn-aiite socialite Tania Samtani gives her nod to Rao’s tips, adding: “I use Apple apps like Aviary, Instagram and Pixelomatic to make my selfies perfect.”

Hold the thought
Current Miss India Earth, Shobhita Dhulipala, loves taking selfies and calls herself a “loyal lover of the camera.” She feels that selfies let her emote freely. “It captures not just the moment but also my mood and freezes it forever,” she confesses. “Whatever the emotion— capturing it gives me joy,” she says. According to her, selfies look great when taken with light directly on your face.”

Going au naturel
“Selfies may be about projecting the natural look, but there are ways to perfect it,” says celebrity make-up artist Ojas Rajani. “A bit of make-up and  grooming makes a difference,” Rajani says. To look natural, she says, “Use a compact to cover your blemishes.” Use a tinted moisturiser or rub a beetroot on your cheeks for that natural glow. “Even if it is an ‘out of bed’ look you want, use an eyelash curler,  mascara and kajal to open up your eyes. Finish off with a lip balm or a lip plumper,” Rajani says.

Pose perfect
Selfies, according to ace photographer Atul Kasbekar, appeal to one’s vanity. “Today, there’s an inordinate openness about your whereabouts and the need to tell and share,” Kasbekar says. “Hence, in an increasingly visual social media world, one is constantly posting images of oneself—may as well have a terrific image sent out then.”

— Mrinalini Sundar & Sumitra Nair


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