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As I walked into the latest Anushka starrer, I was relieved to see people walking in with tubs of butter popcorn and French fries.

Last week I went to watch the movie Size Zero. It was delightful and amusing to see the ticket counters giving away discount coupons of a certain slimming centre along with the movie ticket! What caught my attention was the key insight projected in the story that overweight people are happier and more perked up because they constantly eat sweets. That thin people are grumpy. I decided to check out how Hyderabad relates to size.
As I walked into the movie hall I was relieved to see people walking in with tubs of butter popcorn and French fries. Aah thata��s what I love about this city. Although rapid weight loss clinics and methods have picked up pace here, the zero-size fever is still not a rage, says clinical psychologist Psy Visesh. “However, the emphasis on a certain size being perfect is growing due to the media projecting this repeatedly and it is only a matter of time that our Gen-next will start becoming conscious of their bodies,” he adds. Even in countries like USA, people seem to be more accepting of their bodies. Their films have more real women and all fitness routines stem from health and wellness rather than perfect looks.
Besides, for most it is not about being the right weight alone. It is also about being a certain figure to gain the approval of peers. Teen Hyderabad now has options from fad diets to liposuction, injections and other surgical options luring them into a myth called perfect body. I checked out a gym recently and was surprised to see new machines that are attached to vibrate on the body without even having to work-out anymore. The front desk explained it as once-a-week easy method to burn fat as an add-on to the usual. Then we have these infomercials on tv where the tummy gets tucked-in with a belt!
BeautyA�queen and celebrity Shilpa Reddy opinesA�that fitnessA�is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. One need not always hit the gym to stay fit but can use simple home techniques to stay in shape, she adds.
Standards of fit and acceptable have evidentlyA�changed since the 80’s, says filmmaker RGV who commented in his bookA�Guns & Thighs on actress Sreedevi’s physical attributes and got into a controversy. Surprisingly those very words were used to praise the beauty of women back then!
Student Mihira Mandapaka says that some of her friends get depressed now and then as they are a bit off the scales. This obsession should change. The change can start with filmmakers who can cast a size 10 as heroine, like in case of Anushka Shetty’s new movie Size Zero. That would be a good start.
(The writer is a popular TV show host,A�radio jockey, professional singer… and most importantly, a hardcore Hyderabadi)



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