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These players make it easy for you to get help around the house

Wish2Wash: Launching soon, this city-based aggregator service will bring all the top laundries under one roof. Their upcoming website and app will allow users to choose a laundry and type in details for pick up and delivery. a�?We are looking to team up with big laundry companies, preferably those with more than one outlet,a�? shares Samir Shroff, one of the partners, adding that they are looking to expand across the country soon. Details: wish2wash.com

Wish2Wash-(1)Inscale Handyman: Frustrated by how difficult it is to get reliable help for basic home repairs, city-based Hema Sheth started this venture two years ago. With a 12-member team, they help you with carpentry, plumbing, electrical fixes and more. a�?The servicemen are all experienced (around 20 years),a�? she assures. Currently managing showrooms and workspaces of companies like Adidas and Heath & Glow, Sheth is looking to expand to other cities. `200 per call. Details: inscalehandyman.com

Wassup: The three-year-old city-based laundry outfit prides itself on its quality of service. a�?Washed goods are packed perfectlya��shirts will be returned neatly folded, with collar cuffs and cardboard inside,a�? says co-founder and CEO, R Balachandar. With a new app out now, they are planning to introduce a wallet service and garment tracking features soon. Details: wassuplaundry.com

Honestcollars: This Bangalore-based
company, launched last August, provides cooks, maids, electricians, carpenters, painters and plumbers. a�?We personally meet them and upload their bios as profiles on our website,a�? says co-founder Nischay Nahata. With over 300 profiles so far,
and a week-old app, they plan to expand
to Chennai in a few months. Details: honestcollars.com
a�� Karan Pillai