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    Le Jardin takes you on a culinary
    tour around Rajasthan

    OING beyond the quintessential
    laal maas and sev tamatar, Le Jardin,17Food9Lead7
    the all-day dining restaurant at The
    Oberoi, pulls out all the stops to celebrate
    Rajasthani food, with an
    elaborate dinner-only buffet boasting
    over 25 dishes including special
    pickles, preserves, papads, churans
    or digestives. The idea of the hotela��s
    new general manager, Anshul Kaul,
    who has spent three years as the
    head of The Oberoi, Rajvilas in
    Jaipur, the traditional spread will be
    complemented by folk music performances
    by a Mangania, a Rajasthani
    caste known for their music band
    from Jodhpur.
    Helmed by chefs Vipin Mogha
    and Rajender Joshi from the Jaipur
    property, the meal will include
    favourites like dal bati, Jodhpuri
    lauki, paneer nagori, Rajasthani
    kheema, murgh ke kadi, dal pithod,
    masala bati and kheema bati, made
    extra special with ingredients
    sourced from the local markets of
    the state. However, executive chef,
    Anil Wadhawan, draws our attention
    to his personal favourites
    including junglee maas. The maas,17Food9Lead4
    or wild game curry, is said to be created
    by Maharaja of Sailana, a erstwhile
    province. a�?Post a hunting
    expedition, the game was cleaned,
    salted and cooked in ghee. To finish
    off, it is drizzled with crushed cayenne
    pepper,a�? explains Wadhawan
    of the fiery creation, which also features
    a red chilli and ginger garlic
    paste, and spices such as cardamom,
    cinnamon, bay leaves and cumin a��
    all the makings of a good curry that
    is sure to clear up your sinuses.
    Not letting up on the spices, the
    next dish, chef Wadhawan chooses
    to highlight is the ker sangri a�� a combination
    of wild berries and dried
    beans cooked with yoghurt and
    native spices, including carom
    seeds, dry red chillies, red chilli powder
    and dry mango powder. The heat
    from the chilli however, is well balanced
    by the addition of raisins that
    give you small bursts of sweetness
    with every bite. a�?This dish reflects
    Rajasthana��s arid terrain and how its
    cuisine has optimised its produce
    and balancing it with yoghurt cools
    the system in an otherwise hot
    state,a�? explains Wadhawan. Also
    keep your eyes peeled for khad khargosh
    or rabbit meat, which will be
    included in the buffet, subject to
    availability. Our eyes were also
    drawn to the murgh Banjara, a recipe
    borrowed from the nomadic
    Banjara or Lambadi tribe. The
    kebab dish usually features meat
    marinated in coriander powder,
    cumin, green chilli, ginger-garlic
    paste, mint leaves, lemon juice and
    chilli powder.
    The dessert counter will see a
    decadent spread including ghewar
    (flour soaked in sugar syrup), kesari
    rabri served with jalebi, and besan
    ka choorma (a kind of laddoo).
    a�?Expect rustic flavours, not delicate
    nuances. The primary ingredients
    are ghee (clarified Indian butter),
    besan (gram flour), sometimes aata
    (wheat flour), dry fruits, saffron and
    a lot of love,a�? he tells us.
    Until July 26, you could also win a
    two-night stay at The Oberoi,
    Rajvilas (courtesy the hotel and
    IndiGo Airlines). Follow their page
    for more details.
    `1,575++. At MG Road.
    Details: 25585858.
    a��Rashmi Rajagopal


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