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    Designer Minnie Menon brings her jewellery line to the city for the first time

    Having worked in advertising and marketing for over 20 years, socialite Minnie Menon saw herself slipping into the role of a jewellery designer back in 2014. With a client list that includes diplomats, celebrities and other socialites, Chennai-based Menon is now bringing her label to Bengaluru. “I wanted to find the right venue, the right person to partner with and most importantly, I wanted to time it well,” saysMenon, before talking about how it all began.
    More of a hobby initially, Menon reveals that encouragement from friends, and her own need for a brand that was niche yet not too dressy, were two other factors that contributed to her shifting gears so late in her career. “Most of our real jewellery is left languishing in lockers all the time. We spend so much but never use them. I wanted to create pieces that were premium, but simple enough to be worn to the office and dressy enough for a wedding at the same time,” she tells us.
    To be held at Collage Shop India, the pop-up will kick off with a fashion show followed by a wine and cheese evening. Choreographed by Chennai-based Karun Raman, the emceeing will be done by Menon’s daughter, Anuradha, a theatre person and comedienne, best known as Lola Kutty.

    Design speak
    Menon likes to keep her creations simple and elegant, and lets the semi precious stones do the talking. They are handpicked by Menon herself, often from her travels. The pop-up will showcase her latest line, Re-Collection, which takes inspiration from the colours of the rainbow. Made from silver, like all her previous collections, the stones used vary from moon stone to tanzanite to labradorite to onyx to baroque pearls. “Colour impacts design greatly. The challenge is to combine colour and design in the best way possible,” she says, adding that her love for interplay of textures will also be a hallmark of the collection. Asked to highlight a piece from Re-collection, she shares that it’s the tanzanite necklace that truly stands out. “It features tanzanite pendants mounted on silver, which are strung on three rows of tanzanite beads,” she explains.
    Next on her agenda is a visit to Bangkok to participate in the annual Thailand Gems and Jewellery Fair, after which she will focus on her collection for Diwali.

    Rs 6,000 upwards. August 26-28. At Wood Street. Details: 25566818

    — Rashmi Rajagopal Lobo


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