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    India Filings helps first-timers navigate everything from copyrights to taxes

    Setting up a new company can be daunting. But India Filings, a website that went live late last year, helps you cut through the confusion — tackling everything from company incorporation to tax compliance. “We offer an array of services, from registration of trademark and copyright, private limited company incorporation, tax and regulatory filings, bank loan application and project reports,” says Marlena Ann, head of operations. Once a client fills in their online form and comes on board, they guide them through the formalities for the different services, which also includes giving corporate advice to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs.

    Reaching out
    Last week, the site got a more user-friendly makeover. “While previously customers found it difficult to understand the processes (they used to send us mails with doubts), the new website has video updates along with a better interface to make it easier for them to navigate and get the job done,” says Ann. So if complex financial terms are leaving you perplexed, click on the ‘Learning Center’ tab which will take you to an information bank, in the form of a blog, that includes business tips and details of various regulations.

    Expert speak
    The brainchild of Chennai-based chartered accountant, Lionel Charles, Indian Filings is a subsidiary of VERVE Financial Services, a city-based financial consulting firm owned by his father, L Charles. With a team consisting of experienced chartered accountants, company secretaries, cost accountants, chartered engineers, lawyers and bankers, it is an ISO certified company and has over 300 clients from across the country to date.

    Form fees start from Rs. 500. Details: indiafilings.com

    —Karan Pillai


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