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Krsna comesA�to the city with his debut album

Born Krishna Kaul and raised between New Delhi and London, Krsna, previously known as Prozpekt, has been rapping since he was 14 years-old. It was only six years later however, that he tasted fame when Kaisa Mera Desh, a track he released at the height of the CWG 2010 controversy, went viral. The advertising professional continued to use rap as a social commentary tool, addressing issues like child labour and education through subsequent tracks like Vijay. We catch up with the artiste who performs at Hard Rock Cafe this Thursday as a part of his debut album launch tour.

CultureLead2From Prozpekt to Krsna
As Prozpekt, I used to rap in Hindi and almost always about social issues. And the name became synonymous with that style so people kind of expected that from me. But with this album, Ia��m going more mainstream in terms of the genre. The lyrics are in English and is more personal. So the style is completely different. I wanted to break away from that mould and didna��t want to confuse people, so I decided to change my stage name.

Selling out
My album is called Sell Out and the title track of the same name is my answer to all of the people who were taking jibes at me for going mainstream and commercial. Prozpekt was a hobby, but this is now my profession and at some point, you have to make certain decisions. The album has a lot of personal tracks, but also has clubby ones like the first single from it, Last Night. It has an international feel and vibe as well because everyone whoa��s worked on it is from out of the country. So, I think it has a great mix of tracks and sounds.

Rap in India
My opinion on the genre has changed considerably over the years. Rap and hip hop were always popular here but I think EDM kind of overshadowed it for a while. But I see it coming back in a big way now, notwithstanding the Punjabi rap genre that has almost merged into Bollywood. Mumbai has a gig almost every week now.

From the mic
I have never performed in Bangalore before, but I hear it has an eclectic crowd and Ia��m very excited about the gig. I hope people here enjoy this album.

Rapping at 14
All the kids my age at the time were into the genre and I used to experiment for the fun of it. I soon found myself obsessed with the art of rapping and spent a lot of time understanding the technicalities of structure and rhyming.

Going viral
Kaisa Mera Desh was just aA�part of a whole bunch of tracks I used to do about our socio-political scene in Hindi. I guess the timing was just right and people wanted to listen to what I was saying. I think the reason it became so popular was because it mirrored what a lot of people were thinking.

Rs. 1,000 upwards. 8 pm. At St Marka��s Road. Details: 41242222

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