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    The city gets its first restaurant dedicated to the two meats that every hardcore carnivore loves

    At first glance, Gerrys passes off as just another fast food restaurant, complete with the signature cook (aka master) tossing masalas and meats into a kadai and a waiter scooping biryani from a cauldron (aka anda) at the entrance. But take a close look inside and youa��ll find expats rubbing shoulders with the locals of Velachery (located behind TCS), both equally happy to be getting their fix of the two meats that are almost looked 1upon as taboo in this city a�� beef and pork.
    Gerald V Valan (Ger-ry), a marketing professional who used to supply sausages, ham and bacon to restaurants and hotels in Chennai about 15 years ago, is the owner of the citya��s first pork and beef speciality restaurant. While his piggery at Thiruporur will start supplying to his restaurant in about eight months, Gerry currently sources Yorkshire pork from local suppliers. On his menu, youa��ll find the two meats, in popular local and Chinese variants. From Goan pork vindaloo and Kerala pork ularthiyathu to pork curry Madras style and dragon pork, therea��s plenty to pair with idlis, idiappams, parottas and kal dosas. And be warned, while they open for dinner at 7 pm, theya��re usually out of biryani (again, beef or pork) by as early as 9.30 pm.
    While we miss their signature biryani on our visit, we treat ourselves to a beef Chettinad that truly packs a punch and a pork chilli fry that we recommend you take home and enjoy with your favourite poison. With a good meat to fat ratio, the pork fat is as soft as it gets. But while we thoroughly enjoy the beef in every other dish, we would suggest staying away from the beef fried rice, where the floury, batter fried version of the meat (enjoyed by locals) is used. Now if only they delivered across the city.
    Meal for two at approximately Rs 300. Details: 30853956
    Ryan Peppin


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