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    A fiesty team of local and international DJs promise to rock Chennai this Saturday at two different venues

    DJ Dosem

    DJ Dosem

    THIS Saturday, dona��t stop till the sun comes up, or in Chennaia��s case, when the lights come on. After a liberal dose of rock a�?na�� roll weekends and most recently, a full fledged symphony orchestra in the city, ita��s finally time for the citya��s movers and shakers to come out and play. And with seven DJs hitting the turntables this Saturday, guess what? Therea��s no stopping the music.While the Radisson Blu is bringing down famed Spanish master of House and Techno, DJ Dosem along with supporting acts Anil Chawla, Praveen Achary, Joba Khan, Stevie Sunny and Ashish Nagpal (all in one night)… a few streetsA� away The Park and IndiEarthA� has DJ Uri who hails from East London. He is bringing with him a starkly different set, taking one back to his roots of funk and soul. The latter, who has been spinning the turntable for close to 30 years tells us that he has a completely a�?organica�� set of tunes in the works for this weekenda��s jamboree:

    DJ Joba

    DJ Joba

    What plans for Chennai this weekend?
    I think the set I have planned will be a first for Chennai. People are going to be coming in expecting electronica and techno, and Ia��m going to be playing a line-up of tunes from the thirties and forties and the sixties and seventies instead. You know, like some jazz swing…typical non-club music in a club!

    Are you a little apprehensive though. Youa��re going to be playing music from an era that many clubbers may not be familiar with.
    Well, ita��s not going to be completely alien. I make it a point to layer the tracks with some familiar elements or lyrics. For instance, from the thirties everyonea��s heard that one song of Louis Armstronga��s a�� What a Wonderful World. And it doesna��t matter how old you are, when people hear it therea��s always a smile. But no Ia��m not worried in the least, I believe I can make anyone dance.

    Tell us about youre international tours this year…
    Yes I am headed to Japan and Ia��m planning a whole Bollywood funk set from the seventies and eighties in November. Would you believe Ia��ve spent the last couple of months thrift shopping in Mumbai for old Hindi records? (Laughs) Most of this stuff is completely new to me because I was raised in London… Also I plan to set up a chai shop at this fest in Japan, just to set the mood while Ia��m playing.

    At The Park (42676000 )and Radisson Blu (30404444), tomorrow.

    a��Sonali Shenoy


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