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Sapta, the band, to fill Sunday night with heavy bass and super hard drums

Indian in flavour, international in approach. That is how Sapta, the two-member music band from Chennai describes its music. They bring with them a different class of Electronic Music genre, they promise.
Conceived by Marti Bharath in 2007, the band is known for its energetic sounds. a�?Our tracks are electronic music that is a reflection of all the sounds that are around us everyday,a�? says Marti, the frontman.
Based in Chennai, Sapta was initially headed only by Marti. Tapass Naresh, who was Martia��s manager, joined hands later. The duo will be performing in the city at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur.
Coining their music as a�?pure drum and bass,a�� Marti believes that their first tour gave them the base to build an empire. a�?The first tour we did, after IndieEarth XChange made sure that a lot of people noticed us. After that the tour we did for our seventh album launch recently garnered us great response. We had put everything we had into it and the response at each city was amazing,a�? says the frontman of Sapta.
When asked what Hyderabadis can expect from their upcoming gig, he says, a�?We promise to deliver a night of super hard drum and bass, that’s going to make them jump and dance all night. We would be playing The Beast, Le Code D’Honneur and The Bite of the Cobra for sure.a�? The duo also plan to release a few singles in the coming months. About the band’s name, he elaborates, a�?Seven has always been a symbolic number, and it’s a code that we’ve used for everything we’ve done.a�?
The band would be heading to Pondicherry, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune after their gig at Heart Cup Coffee, Kondapur, on August 21 from 8.30 pm onwards. Tickets for Indie Sunday with Sapta is available on insider.in.
Price: Rs 300 per person.

a�� Nishad Neelambaran


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