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    Ganjam launches Tasrika, a new line of versatile jewellery for the comtemporary woman

    After the successful launch of Moresque (a collection inspired by the Dutch painter and architect Moresque) that marked 125 years of Ganjam, the heritage jewellery brand has launched Tasrika, an aspirational line for the young independent woman. a�?The jewellery buying client today is mostly above 40. For younger women, it isna��t as relevant; they would much rather buy a luxury bag or an expensive smart phone. And that is precisely what drove us to create this line, something that these women would find easy to buy, and be happy to wear,a�? explains Shreedevi Deshpande Puri, creative head of Ganjam.
    The concept
    Much like the international luxury brands such as Chaumet, Tiffany, Cartier, and Bucheron that house collections in three gold colours, and which can be worn in combination with each other, Ganjam too has adopted the global trend. a�?The criteria was to develop a signature collection that was at the entry level, affordable, simple and yet very elegant,a�? Deshpande adds.
    a�?The idea behind Tasrika was to introduce stacking, where people can create their own combinations, and mix and match the jewellery. The collection comprises diamond studded rings or pendants in 18-carat yellow, white, and pink gold,a�? she says, adding, a�?These products are not only affordable, but can also be worn all the time, be it during the day or for social occasions. One can personalise the jewellery by putting two or three pieces together.a�?
    Design sheet
    The collection is inspired from the centuries old technique of weaving, also known as tasrika in Sanskrit. Keeping with the persona of its muse, the collection is neo-classic in its styling and has been created with special focus on the hand woven element and attention to detail. The line is meticulously crafted using individual wires of gold that are made into individual pieces of jewellery. They have even experimented with different kinds of braids in their designs for rings and pendants. a�?Tasrika is Ganjama��s signature collection, and embodies the branda��s core values of craftsmanship. And yet, it is affordable and has for women across age-groups,a�? she adds.


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